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Newstart Gifts Co.,ltd

Address: C-505, Yifeng Plaza, Huolianshu Dongcheng District, DongGuanCity,GuangDong,CN,523000

Phone: +86-15807691821

Email: sales@newstartgifts.com


Service hotline:86+15807691821

E-mail: sales@newstartgifts.com

Address:Building C, Huolianshu, Dongcheng District,DongGuan City, GuangDong,CN,523000

With more than 20+ years experience in making custom-made Medals, Coins, Keychains, Lapel pins, lanyards, soft pvc, silicone items, Caps, shopping bags, banners and flags and other promotional gifts, what we can convince customers are efficiency, specialist, sincerity and excellent quality.

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